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VENITUR Sp. z o.o. is a company with a significant research experience based on both an own research and development activity, and the cooperation with scientists in many countries around the world.

VENITUR Sp. z o.o. actively cooperates with highly qualified specialists in many scientific fields and technics branches such as: engineering, physics, electronics, technical informatics, chemistry, medicine and also specialists in physiotherapy. Our  team members involved in the preparation of projects for customers have experience and very often scientific degree, which gives them a privileged position in cutting-edge researches and promoting innovative solutions in the field of new technologies. 

Amoung many trends of our professional interest, we focus on innovative rehabilitation devices for people affected by paresis of the lower limbs. So far received positive preliminary results and opinions of specialists on our devices supporting the movement for the disabled, promise high hopes for mitigating the effects of paralysis of the locomotor system and related symptoms in many people suffering from dysfunction of the lower limbs.

The company's business profile also contain widely understood scientific activities, involving the implementation of non-standard projects on issues such as technical and natural sciences, carried out on individual orders. The work includes consulting, design and prototyping of specialized equipment for unique applications.


We recommend also our lectures in various fields of science and technology, which are also available on request besides our headquarter. Lectures are prepared in a very attractive form and include stage differences of audience. Detailed information is available by contacting us.

Here at VENITUR Sp. z o.o. we aim to provide you with the best possible and reliable services!

Please feel encouraged to contact us now!

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